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Grief Support

Losing a loved one is devastating. Thankfully, you're not alone. Hospice of Lenawee is here to take this journey with you through our Grief Support Services.

Grief Support Services

Grief Support Services

Grief Support Services

Hospice offers support during the patient’s care and after his or her death. We offer the following Grief Support services for Hospice and non-Hospice families.

For Hospice & Non-Hospice Families

  • Home and office visits with a bereavement counselor
  • Support for the entire family (adults, teens, and children)
  • Telephone Support
  • Support Groups
  • Educational Opportunities (seminars and workshops)
  • Hospice Remembrance Services
  • Family Camp

Grief Support Resources

Download PDF Resources for Grief Support

Download the following PDFs to learn more about Hospice, the grief process, caring for a loved one, and more.

Hospice Team Members to Contact

The following Hospice staff members are available to answer questions, educate, and offer support. Please contact us today!

Download PDF Resources for Grief Support

Why Family & Caregiver Support Is Important

Are you a caregiver or family member of a patient in Hospice? If so, this is a rewarding yet challenging role. You need support and assistance to provide the care your loved one needs.

Why? Because it’s stressful to care for a terminally ill patient or family member, and for you to be able to offer the type of care your loved one needs, you need to care for yourself.

It’s important to keep your heath, happiness, and well-being in mind as you are an important part of Hospice care.

Why Community Is Important

Hospice of Lenawee is created to serve the needs of our community. We reach out to our community in many ways to help families and individuals deal with death and grief. You can find support during the illness of a loved one and after his or her death through multiple support services throughout Lenawee County.

We also reach out to the community with events (please view Happenings for the latest community events), education, resources, opportunities to volunteer, and in many other ways. If you need support, please contact us today.