Who Pays For Hospice?

Under the Hospice benefit, hospice care is completely covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA and most private insurances.

Medicare covers the cost of medications, home equipment and supplies with no co-pay or deductible. Every insurance company is a little different, but many have inclusive plans similar to Medicare. Upon referral, we’ll verify insurance benefits to determine coverage. If you do not have insurance, our social workers will work with you and your family to find funding options. Hospice of Lenawee does not turn anyone away from care based on their inability to pay for services.

Myth:  Hospice care is expensive.

Fact:  Medicare and other health insurance programs cover the cost of hospice care in its entirety.  If a person is not eligible for hospice through their insurance coverage, we are often able to provide care at little or no cost due to the charitable gift support we receive from our community.