Spiritual Care

Spirituality can be described as that which gives meaning to life. It refers to the universal human need for love, hope, relatedness, value, and dignity. Spiritual care is an important aspect of the holistic approach used in hospice.

At Hospice of Lenawee, we respect your loved one’s beliefs and are here to assist you in those matters if at all possible. We provide a loving environment for patients and their families to express their feelings regarding spiritual beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Spiritual Care is offered to all Hospice of Lenawee patients, families, and caregivers. It is the Spiritual Care Team’s commitment to provide spiritual care and guidance that respects and supports the beliefs of those under hospice care. The Spiritual Care staff offers individualized care as deemed appropriate by each patient and their family. We meet the patient and family where they are in their faith journey. The Spiritual Care team offers support in addition to the support that patients may receive from their Pastor and faith community.


  • Support patients and family members
  • Provide Sacramental Ministry as requested
  • Facilitate connection with the patient’s faith community if desired
  • 24 hour availability
  • Offer Spiritual Comfort and Listening