Social Workers

Our Social Workers offer emotional support, counseling, and access to community resources. Social Workers are vital because they help families with so many issues that are both directly and indirectly related to the challenges that they face related to hospice care.

The Social Work Team’s primary goal is to assist patients to continue living their lives as actively and meaningfully as possible. The core beliefs of Social Workers compliment the hospice philosophy of assisting individuals on their access to information, treatment options and are advocates for their rights to participate in decisions.

Their support comes in many ways:

  • Initial and ongoing emotional, social and spiritual assessment of each patient/family
  • Help individuals and families to cope with the emotional, practical and financial aspects of dealing with life altering changes.
  • Advanced Care Planning
- Connecting Families with Community Resources.
  • Support the patient’s unique cultural beliefs.
  • Help to maintain the dignity of the dying patient.
  • 24-hour availability

A testimony regarding our Social Work Team:

Dear Susan,
This message is a note of appreciation and professional recognition for the support received from two of your staff.  Kelly Hicks and Laura Preston, both social workers with Hospice of Lenawee, visited my Human Behavior in the Social Environment classroom in November.  My students and I were, once again, reminded of how profoundly important this field of work is.  Kelly and Laura never fail to cover the core responsibilities of their roles as social workers, while they include the crucial intangibles that can be overlooked in the academic setting.  Their personal commitment to support, enhance, and accompany their clients through (what my students feel is) very intimidating intimate circumstances is a remarkable example.  Their responses to personal and professional questions were clear and in-depth.  Their composure in the face of unexpected questions gave us renewed confidence to explore, to question.  The students expressed how important this meeting was because they were offered a message of encouragement and patience in their individual career choices.  I hope these two caring and competent women will be willing to share their time and wisdom with my students in the future.  I consider their visit a capstone to the semester’s work.
Lynne Townsend, MS, MSW
Social Work Program, Siena Heights University

All Hospice of Lenawee Social Workers hold at least a Masters of Social Worker degree and combine years of experience dealing with a variety of problems centering around end of life issues.