Bereavement Team

We know that everyone connected to your loved one will be touched in some way by their illness. Though it’s a natural part of life, we know that losing a loved one can be very challenging and Hospice of Lenawee will be here for your family during hospice and after your loved one has passed. In fact, we follow the family for at least thirteen months, getting you through the “firsts.” The first birthday, the first Christmas, the first anniversary. This depth of support is a part of every Hospice of Lenawee plan of care, making our hospice services unique.

Our special bereavement programs can help those who need emotional support or just need a little extra help coping. We can also help family members understand each other’s feelings and share their thoughts, wishes, and concerns. Hospice of Lenawee supports those who have lost a loved one by helping them adjust, begin to heal, and ultimately regain the ability to re-invest in life and relationships. Comfort comes in many forms, from a shoulder to cry on, to an understanding ear, but always through the strength of a supportive team trained in bereavement care.

Hospice of Lenawee volunteers provide much needed support to patients and families who have asked them to be included in their plan of care. They can be found in the office helping with clerical work, in our bereavement department writing notes to families or helping with events or support groups.  And our volunteers often help with fundraising and educational events.

Please visit our Grief Resources section for information on our Bereavement Programs and to find resources to help you through the grieving process.