Is It Time For Hospice?

The right time to begin hospice care is personal and can only truly be determined by you, your family, and your physician. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to discuss hospice with your physician and ask for a referral if you feel it’s right for you. Hospice is available to anyone with an advanced illness and a limited life expectancy who has chosen comfort . Hospice care is a 100% covered benefit under Medicare and Medicaid. Most private insurance pays for hospice care.DSC_4521

Our patients who begin hospice care sooner have the opportunity to make use of our expertise in helping with pain control and symptom management earlier. Also, families caring for a loved one can benefit from the support our hospice caregiving team brings.  We can share some of the responsibilities of providing day-to-day care. Choosing to let us help earlier can increase the quality of time left. Studies have shown that individuals on hospice have actually lived longer. Reducing pain, symptoms and easing responsibilities will let you and your family focus less on the disease and more on enjoying time together.

We want to make it simple for you to get your questions answered or to talk to someone about your needs and concerns. We’re here, ready to give you more information about the benefits of hospice care, offer choices and options, or help you begin care. Our goal is to make hospice available to all who are eligible to receive this special care. So, call Hospice of Lenawee at 517-263-2323 and we’ll answer your questions.

Myth:  Hospice is available only in the last few days of life.

Fact:  Hospice is available at any point that a physician certifies that a person has a life limiting illness and life expectancy is six months or less.  People live an average of 29 days longer in hospice care than alternative forms of end-of-life care.  And they live with more comfort, peace and dignity.