Our care is patient and family-centered. That means that your loved one is at the core of our support strategy. Our highest priorities are your comfort and peace. And we believe that this resonates throughout the family when your wants and needs are met.

Our fully customized support is based on the idea that your loved one and family are the best source of information for the type of care that’s right for them.

Our team includes:

  • physicians expertly trained in hospice care
  • spiritual counselors for emotional support
  • nurses skilled in pain management
  • hospice aides who assist with personal care
  • social workers assist in accessing resources & address emotional support needs
  • bereavement services for grief & loss support
  • community volunteers
  • and many others whose expertise and commitment combine to ensure a 24 hour support system for you and your family.

Our care is focused on helping you and your loved one enhance quality of life rather than pursuing aggressive treatments. We believe that a focus on living and an eagerness to embrace the special moments that make life worth living are key.

To put it simply, hospice is about quality of life. It focuses on dignity, comfort and support on all levels. Our highest priority is your happiness, and we believe that this happiness resonates throughout the family when your needs and wants are met.

Myth:  All Hospice care is alike.

Fact:  Hospice of Lenawee is the primary non-profit Hospice serving Lenawee county and is the only Hospice headquartered here.  For over 30 years, Hospice of Lenawee has been serving the people of Lenawee County with our compassionate care.