I Need Care

New challenges arise every day and you may feel like you’re loosing control over what is happening in your life. But you don’t have to face these challenges alone. We’re here to help; we’re here to offer guidance and support. We’ll help you regain a sense of control by providing information, choices, options, and resources — including those listed in the sidebar at left. And should you choose, we hope to profoundly improve your quality of life by providing compassionate and understanding care.

What appeals to our patients most is what Hospice of Lenawee brings to their families. Hospice will benefit your family in many ways. Your family wants to give you the very best care for your every need. And though your family wants to be your caregiver, you may worry that you will become a burden. So many times we see our hospice patients and their families worry about each other more then they worry about themselves. But that what loves does. and hospice really is about love.

We can help ease your mind if you are considering hospice but are concerned about your family. Our hospice team will get to know you and your family very well. This along with our decades of experience in providing hospice care will enable us to anticipate and plan for needs before they arise. Hospice of Lenawee will become a full support system to your family and arrange for every service needed in regards to your illness. Our supportive care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seeing the depth of support we offer your family will enable you to put aside feelings of being a burden. Instead both you and your family can take comfort in the connection, time together, and family caregiving can bring.

Myth:  If I accept a referral to hospice it means I have given up.

Fact:  Accepting a referral to Hospice simply means you have chosen to focus on the quality of your life for however much time you have left.  Our goals are to reduce physical pain, create emotional well-being and enhance spiritual peace.