I Have Experienced A Loss

Though it's a natural part of life, we know that losing a loved one can be very challenging.  Experiencing the grief of a lost relationship is a completely natural feeling, though it may not feel that way sometimes.  Grief can be painful and often confusing, but without it we would not be able to fully understand the beauty of what it means to be fully human. 

Re-investing in life and the ones you love does not mean that you are neglecting or abandoning your feelings.  It simply means that you can validate them in a healthy way.  We know that you are experiencing a difficult time and although you may feel that no one truly knows what you are going through, we want you to know that we are here if you need someone to talk to or if you just want someone to listen.

Please view our resources on this website or call our Bereavement Department to set up and appointment, (517) 263-2323.  We are just a phone call away.