I Am Caring For Someone

When you care for a loved one with an advanced illness you are doing a remarkable thing, but you are also taking on a challenging role.

So we’re here to help. Hospice of Lenawee is not only here to support your loved one, we’re here for you as well.  We’ll provide you with practical support, information, resources, encouragement, spiritual support and emotional support. You’re not walking this journey alone, we’re right here next to you. We created this web site to share information and resources with you. You can also visit our Caregivers Blog where we share insights on issues you may face as a caregiver, offer advice, support and encouragement. We’re here to walk this journey with you and provide any support, guidance or help you may need along the way.

A common misconception is that deciding to accept hospice means giving up hope. Hospice does not mean giving up hope, it means changing the focus from aggressive disease treatment to  care for the patient. Through this focus, many hospice patients improve and some may even find that they no longer need hospice care. Hospice is a choice and patients can withdraw from care at any time to seek medical treatments as they become available.

Hospice can also bring your loved one a greater sense of control. Our care is patient-centered, so we begin with four simple words: What do you want? We’ll encourage you and your loved ones to think and talk as a family about personal choices on how to live. We’ll completely tailor our care to support those goals and wishes. Together, we’ll discover what hospice care can be for your loved one facing advanced illness, for those who love them and for you as their caregiver.