One-to-one Support

In addition to our bereavement groups, we also offer up to eight individual grief support sessions with a bereavement facilitator. Though there are many ways to understand your personal journey through the grief process, some patients feel more comfortable working with facilitators on a one-to-one level prior to joining a group.

Steps to make an appointment with a bereavement facilitator:

  • Call our main number at 517-263-2323 during business hours.
  • Let the receptionist know you would like to make an appointment.
  • You will be forwarded to a bereavement staff member who will take your initial information.
  • A bereavement staff member will call you to make an appointment.

Please Note: Non-Hospice of Lenawee families are responsible for transporting themselves to our offices for their appointment. There is NO FINANCIAL CHARGE for support services.

Our Bereavement Staff

Sharon Van Tuyle
Sharon Van Tuyle, Director
Hospice/Community Bereavement

Lori Leu
Hospice Bereavement

Lee Ann Straub
Lee Ann Straub
Children/Community Bereavement

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