Grief Resources

Grief’s journey can be a difficult one. It is our hope that we can provide you with the tools, knowledge and resources that will help you understand your grief and encourage you as you move forward toward healing.
At Hospice of Lenawee we are more than a grief website! We are people with caring hearts who want to be a source of encouragement and support. The following staff members are available:

Sharon Van Tuyle, Hospice/Community Bereavement
Lee Ann Straub, Community/Children Bereavement
Judy Peterson, Hospice Bereavement
Lori Leu, Hospice Bereavement
Mandy Buckland, Community Bereavement 

We believe when you are empowered with knowledge and strengthened by resources you can find your way to regaining hope and reconnecting to life. You are welcome to explore, download and share any of our flyers and brochures. The following are several of our popular ones:

We also invite you to visit our Grief Support Blog that has ongoing information and insights meant to be a source of encouragement.