Hospice of Lenawee was founded over thirty years ago by a group of dedicated volunteers who were committed to serving patients and their families by focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of end-of-life care. We have continued on our mission to provide compassionate patient- and family-centered care to the people of our community during and after the last season of life.

What is unique and authentic about Hospice of Lenawee?

 We know what matters, what our patients and those who love them are facing, and we know the important role we play in this journey.
We look within each patient and begin with: What matters to you? How can we get there?
We look into each patient’s heart and enrich their end-of-life experience by helping them to connect to what matters.
We believe it is about relationships: our patients’ relationships with those who love them and our relationships with those we care for.
We are not just a provider of services, but a provider of outcomes – physical comfort, emotional well-being and spiritual peace.
We strengthen patients and those in their lives through knowledge, education and resources.
We advocate for access to end-of-life care by enhancing understanding, acceptance, and by reducing barriers to care.
We offer hope, options, control, solutions, empowerment and richness of spirit.
This goes beyond just being a job or a business to us. For us – it is a calling.

We are Hospice of Lenawee and we carry your heart. We carry it in our heart.

Hospice of Lenawee proudly honors our Veterans. For more information, visit: